High Resolution DVD/CD


During a typical event the Cool Pix Photo Booth will take several hundred photos, all of them stored on the Photo Booth hard drive. At the end of each event we transfer every single image onto a flash drive. Those images are then burned onto a high resolution DVD/CD and handed to you after your event along with your customized Scrapbook.

We can also take those images and  create a wonderful Memory DVD like the one above. All it takes is some music and a bit of  editing magic. By the way, if you are wondering why so many  images of one event?  In addition to the  2 X 8  Foto Fun Strip the Cool Pix Photo Booth also retains the four original photos from each and every Foto Fun Strip. Those images are all included on your free CD.  The DVD memory disc can be purchased as a Cool Pix Extra for $175.00.


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